About me

Things I'm pretty good at:

  • Dutch & English
  • PHP
  • (My)SQL
  • Learning
  • Sarcasm
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro

Things I'm pretty okay at:

  • Python
  • Arduino/Raspberry Pi
  • Chess
  • User Experience


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Worldhit.net is an ongoing personal project for about 3 years now!

Worldhit takes over 100 international Top 200's every hour and makes one giant list.

I have made everything from idea to working website. The design and logo was made with partner.

More on: Worldhit.net


Creating multiple premium 360┬░ virtual tours. Everything from getting the pictures to making it viewable for the world in a browser. We've workd with customers like vtwonen, Vlaardingen and MINI.



R.O.Y.A. is a collective name for every project I make at home. Combining different technologies like IoT, electronics and home automation.

Current 'hacks' include real time controlling of lights, an self-made interactive TTS system, opening/closing the garage and many more.

Widen Invent

One of my proudest projects is working on the Widen Invent team. This includes just my partner Hendrik Daniels and me.

We are complementary in our skills which makes un an ideal team.


This Wineshare email campaign was a project where users were able to give up friends in order to win free wine. I was able to setup the whole back-end and make it work.

This project is not available anymore.


My first 'work' experience was working for Fiverr. This is a website where everyone can order work for $5 or more.
On this platform I worked for 100+ customers with an average rating of 4.9/5 .

Code comparison

Me vs. other programmers

// How I program

// clear structured variable declarations
"first name"=>"Yordi",
"last name"=>"Verbeeck",
"started programming"=>10,

// placing my bracket at the correct place
if($this == $that){ //<- here

// descriptive variable names
foreach($allUsers as $userId) {
	$admins[] = $adminFeatures->isAdmin($userId);

// knowing when to use loops of all kinds
for ($i = 0; $i <= 10; $i++) {

// ultra fast debugging eyes with years of training
// How others program

// not readable without context
$array=array("not","me",25,"item 1","item 2","item 3"); 

if($this == $that)
{ // <- not here
	order55(); // <- doesn't know star wars references

// sure, it's shorter... but impossible to read
foreach($Urs as $id) $admns[] = admin($id);

// what even is this?

// most will spend about 20 minutes searching this missing semicolon

Let's talk!

I'm currently looking for an internship.
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